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Just a few rules

Multicolored socks

Socks only facility. Both adults and children are required to remove shoes upon entry.No barefeet, shoes or sandals allowed.

Hamburger Meal

Light snacks and waters permitted. Beverages, snacks and treats are available for purchase in our snack bar.

Cakes, cupcakes and party decorations are not allowed without a confirmed party reservation.


Please be considerate to others. Sick guests will not be allowed entry.

Decorated Cake with Donuts

Fill Out and Sign Waiver. Parents or guardians must sign waiver for each child and adults before use of the playground.

Click here for Waiver







*iPlayology is SOCKS-ONLY playground. Please remove shoes before entering.

*Please wear socks at all times. Absolutely, NO shoes or bare feet allowed.

*Parents or Guardians must sign waiver for each child AND adults before use of the playground. 

*Parent or adult supervision is required at all times and must enter the facility.

*No adults permitted without paid entry fee of a child

*Mask is optional

*Dessert items are NOT allowed, for example, cakes, cupcakes etc.

*Reservations is required for 8 or more children for play time. Depending on the capacity, we may or may not be able to accommodate your group.

*No food or beverages, including water, in all play areas, matted floors and carpet. 

*Absolutely NO gum allowed

*Remove sharp objects, jewelry, watches, loose clothing or coins from pocket before entering the playground

*No climbing on or hanging from nets, poles or walls

*No climbing up the slides. Slide one person at a time in a forward seated position from the top 

*No rude or rough play

*Please be considerate of others and do not come in if you or your child is feeling sick and show symptoms such as runny nose, cough or fever. No sick guests will be allowed entry

*No adults allowed in spiral tube slide, zip line, fireman climber or spinners

*Spinner- all body parts must be inside the spinner seating down

*No sitting or climbing over the toddler walls

*Toddler area is reserved for toddlers 2 years and younger only

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